Things you don’t know about me

I have been running my blog for a while now and I tend to always share a little story with you whenever I put up a post. However, my stories are always in context or surrounding a particular topic. Today, in the spirit of the New Year (though its 25th January already lol) I have decided to share some random facts about me you probably don’t know.

  1. I have a scar on the left side of my forehead. When I was about 3 0r 4, my brother and I were playing with the playground swings; I wanted him to push me and he wanted to push an empty swing as high as possible. I stood in front of the swing pleading with him and the silly fellow said “move out of the way” and pushed. I did not move. And whack! all black
  2. I was once a tomboy. This lasted for a good phase of my life to be honest. I played a boy in a school drama, I made my mum buy me sets of boxers to wear under my clothes, I had big boy track pants that I sagged and wore everywhere, and I used men’s deodorant sprays (I still do. They’re just better). I even developed a bit of a lil swagger complete with the bounce
  3. I am the last born and only girl. I have 2 older brothers that are 6 and 8 years older than me respectively. My mum continues to argue that I wasn’t a mistake, but we both know the truth. Yes. Yes. I was a blessing when I arrived, but no one plans for a kid 6 years after the last one *rolling eyes*
  4. I hate foods that don’t seem completely cooked. Buttery croissants, moist cake, sunny side up; thinking about it even gives me goosebumps. I cannot stand food where I feel I can still taste the rawness of the ingredients
  5. I had a cropped boy’s hair cut for 6 years while in boarding school. Back then, you couldn’t really tell the difference between me and a boy, haha. I will never forget how they picked my pigtails and snipped them off, while I watched them fall to the floor and unbraid themselves. Next, I heard the clipper before I saw it

Feel free to tell me something about yourself in the comments that people don’t generally know!

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Jacket – Zara, Dress – Material from India and sewn by my tailor, Shoes – Zara, Lipstick – Rebel by MAC


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