Taking Stock

Making: plans for next year. A good friend told me that every year should have a high point, something you accomplish that builds and adds value to your life. Do you have a target?

Cooking: pilau for the first time! It was worth it and I can’t wait to do it again and even better.

Drinking: water and black tea during the week and some nice tea with milk and no sugar over the weekends.

Reading: British GQ because I have not found enough time to read a whole proper book. I am really hoping to correct that in the last month of the year

Wanting: not much at the moment…just absorbing what I have right now


Playing: Boomerang by Jidenna, which is my absolute favourite song at the moment!

Wasting: time looking at how to contour on Youtube hehehe

Creating: DIY pieces for Christmas for my home because it is more fun when I can break out the wrapping paper and get creative

Enjoying: nyama coma (roast meat) and chapatis as I type this out. You know you wanna be me 😉

Wondering: if I should get a pink wig for Christmas and just have fun with hair that is not mine. Will you still love me? lol!


Loving: my eyebrows after I got them threaded. I mean, it makes such a difference to my face when I am not rocking Frida Kahlo brows.

Hoping: that I meet more beautiful people in 2018, fall in love with myself more and visit more fun places in Kenya

Marvelling: at how my phone was stolen at Koroga Festival on Sunday. I am still in disbelief and shock. Big note: Never let go of your phone when in big crowds. Always have your hand on it.

Needing: a new phone as a result of the robbery stated above *face palm*

Smelling: my hand cream, Dancing Waters by Bath and Body Works. It smells sooooo good

Wearing: colourful colorblock coats for the rainy weather and heels for the confidence

Knowing: a bit more and more Swahili each day and loving it!


Thinking: about how exciting and fun my Christmas holiday is going to be when my mum comes to visit and more specifically, spoil me

Feeling: a lot of things. I think I feel a lot of things all the time. Isn’t that what it is to be human? I do think I am losing a bit of inspiration about life. What do you do to regain inspiration in life?

Bookmarking: nothing in particular to be honest. Just listening to a lot of new jams on Youtube everyday while at work.

Giggling: At how adorable little kids look when they are running or talking. But not to the point where my ovaries are aching. yet.


Dress – Made by my tailor back in Nigeria, Shoes – Zara (Platform in Two Rivers sells Zara exclusively), Watch – Sekonda



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