Way to Her Heart

The best way to a woman’s heart is an allowance for shopping and a secret way to let her eat all the food she wants and gain no weight whatsoever *cackles like a witch*

But to be honest, if it’s a woman like me, you could only truly accomplish the former because with the latter, I add weight simply by breathing in oxygen. I also tend to justify cravings of mine at all times of the month *sigh* but I am working on eliminating that.

Whilst here in Nairobi (yes, I used the word “whilst” because I wouldn’t mind living in a historical English novel), I have picked a couple of places I love to eat at, places that always come at the top of my list whenever I want to go somewhere, places you might catch me on the day I get paid (and then never after till my next payday). I want to exclude the likes of Java, Artcaffe and other standard places from my list. Rather, I will zoom in on my favorites without a doubt. And just to be clear, my favorite places are mostly based on a particular dish I tuck into whenever I go there

La Salumeria: Two words. Fettuccine Scoglio. The best seafood pasta ever and I could eat it 7 days a week. I think I almost did that once. This restaurant is a quaint Italian place that makes great food at quite reasonable prices.

Urban Gourmet: Mondays! Every Monday they have a deal of two burgers for the price of one. And guys, getting deals is in my blood, it really is. Two options of burgers that I order: Asian fusion and the Texas burger

Tankard: As I am typing this post, I am munching down on mbavu from Tankard. When I first moved to Kenya, I never understood the concept of just roasting meat with no spices and just eating it. It didn’t make sense to me, but consider me converted. I love it now! and especially from Tankard

J’s diner: I went here for the first time about two months ago and I’ve been back there once. Both times I have ordered the grilled salmon and it is such a good portion and just the best fish I have had in Kenya.

Charlie’s: Pasta. Pasta. Pasta. I went here and had one heck of a pasta carbonara on a girls’ night out. It forever lingers in my mind, as I plan to go back there and relive my experience.


Top – Marks and Spencer, Skirt – Chicwish ( they have these landscape skirts at @sashascollection_ke), Shoes – ASOS (I am selling these now so dm me on Instagram if interested)

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