Secret to Happiness

The natural hair movement has been ongoing for a while now, and I couldn’t be any happier about it. Growing up watching tv, my dream had always been to have long, straight hair flowing to my waist. This is the reason I begged my mum at the age of 7 to get my hair relaxed (permed). Not to mention, it was a traumatising experience that resulted in a burnt scalp with hair stuck to it, and my mum in tears upset that she had let me do it. In the midst of all that, I was so carried away with the notion of straight hair that I was still happy with the result; my hair was pin straight (albeit sticking to my scalp in some places a bit inconveniently). I wish I could say that I learnt my lesson then. But I went on to relax my hair at 2 other moments in my life: for my prom and for a cousin’s wedding.

About 12 years later (six in which I had a short boy’s hair cut in boarding school), I have accepted my natural mane and discovered that the secret to happiness is successfully enjoying your weekend with those you love, and finding the time to deep condition in between 🙂

Now something for you, my current “swear by” products:

  1. Tres Semme Salon Silk shampoo treatment and conditioner (with silk protein and argan oil) –> about 700 shillings each but in huge bottles and so worth it. Available in Chandarana
  2. VO5 strawberries and milk conditioner –> about 350 shillings. Used to be available in Nakumatt, but trying to find a new place to buy it. Obviously.
  3. Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus milk and conditioner. Available everywhere I think.
  4. Keyara coconut oil found here. Although with coconut oil, as long as its organic, it works for me

Also, these are products I have found from New York to Lagos to Nairobi so I am sure you can all get lucky 😉 no matter where you are.

21 BLUR171315121411

And to make things better, I decided to collaborate with one of my new found, feminist, fashion blogger, Kenyan friends, Sharon Mwangi. Aside from being adorable and hilarious, our conversations span across Chimamanda, unjust street harassment of women, the best shoes to buy on a budget and of course Chicken inn hehehe. Find her here

My outfit: Top – H&M body suit from Toi market, Skirt – Zara, Shoes – Express, Lipstick – MAC Ruby Woo (best lipstick ever)

Sharon’s outfit: Top – @PoshbyJay, Jeans – Thrifted, Boots – @shoestruckke

Photography: Glauben Photography

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3 thoughts on “Secret to Happiness

  1. I also am looking for a place to get V05 conditioner! Mine is almost done and I don’t know what I’ll do. Please do tell me when you get a place to buy it from. 🙂

    I relate with pressuring my mum to let me relax my hair. I did it once for a church ceremony and never again. I was done 😀

    Your hair is the Keep taking care of your mane!

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