Move to Kenya?

In the past couple of years, I have found myself living in about 3 different cities in the world: New York, Lagos and now Nairobi.

I lived in New York for 4 years for my education, Lagos for a year for my first job in fashion and Nairobi….well Nairobi got a lot going for it. But now, I’ve lived here for a year now and even though we are currently in a state of political uncertainty, I can still think of good reasons for why Kenya just gets it.

  1. Electricity: I know I might sound like a broken record, but this will always be a big deal for me. All Nigerians who have lived in Nigeria would know that 24/7 electricity is not a right for us. Rather, it is a privilege. However, Kenya (which is another African country, like us) has got me spoilt. They cut the electricity for 5 minutes the other day and I became indignant about how they better bring it back. Like I would dare behave like that in Lagos, lol!
  2. The people: I always thought Nigerians were incredibly hospitable (we can be when we want to) but I have found myself very much taken with how kind and sweet and so much less corrupt Kenyans are. If only they could get over the ethnicity divide, everyone would just be lovin’ on everybody else (oh the complexities of politics and tribalism)
  3. The natural beauty: If you want to think about a country that hit the jackpot, including beaches without sharks (*side eyeing South Africa*)? Kenya is IT. and LIT too. This place has the most gorgeous sights from clear water beaches, to wildlife (check this for evidence), to mountains and valleys of breathtaking beauty, to coffee and flower plantations. It just doesn’t end. And I am about to troop all over once I can find a way to invent leave days and add to my current ones *palm on face*
  4. Their attitude to democracy: As I said, right now, yes there is a lot of political uncertainty and ethnic divide within the country. But one thing I have always felt being here is that at the end of the day, people care. People want to be a part of their country; they want to participate and share hope for a better future. That in itself is pretty inspiring for an apathetic Nigerian, whose corrupted country has broken her heart too many times to count.

That being said, I have to talk about how much I dislike matatu drivers. Matatus are the public transportation buses in Kenya and their drivers behave like crazy people. If you are not a road rage person, matatu drivers can turn you into one. God help me the day I decide to fully start driving for myself here. I might need anger management classes after all the slaps I deliver lol!

But all in all, you want a different but great experience? Kenya is definitely a country to live in at some point in your life 🙂


Top, Pants and Bag –  Zara

Shoes – Topshop

Check out for an upcoming post about where I shop for my Zara, Topshop, River Island etc. clothes in Nairobi

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