My Insecurities in Monochrome

In this post, I dressed in all pink, which I thought might be shocking and too much but I still went ahead and did it anyway, because I wanted to. I stuffed down my fear of heights, climbed up a rooftop and shot these pictures in the CBD (town) in Nairobi.

As I spend time sharing my adventures with those of you who take a moment to look at my blog, I figured that as much as I like taking picturesque photos in candy coloured heels, I want to also share the realness of my life and the insecurities I live with everyday

Numero uno: I am a people pleaser and it makes me more of a yes person whenever people have requests or expectations of me. Unfortunately, what this also means is that sometimes I get taken advantage of because of how nice or understanding I am. It is a thin line between niceness and stupidity, and I work hard everyday to make it clear to people that being nice does not mean being stupid

Numero dos: My nose. Growing up with a mother and two brothers with sharp noses, I always wondered why I inherited my dad’s tomato nose. It made me feel conscious a lot of the time considering that it equally matched my round head. It’s like a mini tomato on a bigger tomato

Numero tres: My weight. This honestly changes according to my weight at the time which tends to fluctuate a lot. Sometimes, I just inhale air and put on 5 pounds. Other times, I eat a piece of KFC chicken and add 2 inches on my weight. It is also why I shy away from tight clothes. One day, I hope to feel attractive, confident and sexy no matter what my weight may be

Numero cuatros: My feminism. I am unapologetically feminist. But every now and then, I get anxious about whether my feminism or opinions about certain things drive people away from me and create tension in some of my relationships or make people I meet have a negative view of me. And I feel ashamed that I feel this anxiety. I always have to remind myself to never feel guilty for my ideologies or my happiness (whew! this one was hard to write down)

Numero cinco: Math.I had always been good at it till I hit the age of 15 and then it went downhill from there. When it comes to exams or consulting case studies, before i do anything, my mind reminds me I suck and I should just find a hole and hide. Yup, it gets that bad sometimes.


You should try monochrome out some time. The sweater was a gift and the pants I’ve had for about 5 years now.

Shoes: ASOS (love this and this) and they ship to Kenya


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