Extra Blush

I have been pretty caught up in work in the past couple of months. You might have guessed from my absence on the blog for a bit.

In every blog post, I always want to offer some value beyond the clothes I wear and my closed eyes’ smile. But as I type this, all I can think is that I jumped awake this morning thinking it was Monday and I was late to work lol! I proceeded to eat out for breakfast and stuff myself senseless (not minding that last night, I decided to start eating healthy and only have fruits and vegetables today. Absolute fail.) Isn’t it amazing how life doesn’t always pan out the way you want it to? I’ve been fighting disappointment and rejection my whole life. That’s probably my biggest fear and causes me a lot of anxiety, sometimes of hyperventilating proportions. I’m in the process of accepting that it’s okay to give myself a break; to rest when I have the flu, to eat pancakes when I’m craving them and to work out once or twice a week when I feel up to it.

P.S. The bag I am holding actually was a basket I found at a Maasai Market. But I immediately thought it would make a cute bag, so I asked the vendor to add a strap and attach a proper top for me. What do you think?


Dress – Ralph Lauren (love this, this, adorable, my dream) shoes – asos, Earrings – gift, Bag – Maasai market


12 thoughts on “Extra Blush

  1. I love how colourful this look is! You look so pretty, loving the outfit. And the bag is such a genius idea , I like it.

    I feel you when you say you’re learning that it’s okay to give yourself a break. I feel it’s something we all need to remind ourselves more often as it’s very easy to get caught up in life. xx
    Coco Bella Blog 

  2. Life gives so much sometimes, it could be overwhelming. Sometimes we need to breathe and let go, difficult as it may seem.
    I love the bag and your hair is to die for!!

  3. I feel like you’re the best representation of gorgeousness.😍 That plus we have the exact same sense of style so I’m terribly
    biased 😉 I love love the attention to detail you have. And about anxiety…funny I’ve been having lots of that lately as well, you can only be the best version of you. So keep on keeping on!!😊

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