The Depths

I got the opportunity to finally view the natural beauty of animals in the Maasai Mara of Kenya. To say it was breath taking is an understatement. My absolute favourite animals to stare at were the elephants and the cheetahs. After reading about different animals, elephants truly fascinate me; the definition of gentle, playful giants. We watched them come to the Mara river, not to drink but to play and roll in the mud. I was filled with so much elation just watching them, especially the little ones. At a point, I noticed the bigger elephants crowded together and wondered why. My question was answered when a couple of minutes later, the tiniest elephant i’ve ever seen emerged between their legs. It was being protected by the older ones and I almost cried at the sight of love. As the elephants played, the hippos grunted and spouted water in the river.

And then the cheetahs: luxurious, beautiful, long bodies with tiny heads majestically lay under the sun. One of the moments we caught included a mother with her three kids. One of them positioned itself in the curve of the mother’s body, basking in her warmth, and two others played together a little distance away (the daredevils who didn’t need mummy’s constant love). All in all, this experience made me realise that there is a world beyond humans, beyond their constant bustling and hustling. And every now and then, it’s worth it to stop and admire creation.


Bomber Jacket – Banana Republic, Pants – Topshop, Top – Zara, Shoes – Nike




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