Beauty In All Forms

Recently, I have been really battling with what it means to be beautiful and how we portray ourselves in order to keep to certain beauty standards of society. For me, it comes out in the little things such as what to wear when I don’t want my arms to look too fat, or how to wear dresses that cinch my waist. And if you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll realise that a lot of my outfits stray away from body fitting or slinky.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with some new friends and we spoke about how some women wear clothes that just don’t fit their body types. And while I agree that it is to our advantage to choose what we look good in, I have mixed feelings about it. Why? Because half my mind says, “that doesn’t really work with her body” and the other half is envious of the confidence it takes to wear something that makes you vulnerable to society, but you don’t give a damn.

For me, its a constant struggle but not without little successes where I start to care more about how I feel than how everybody else feels or what they see. And I assure you, that’s exactly where we need to work towards.

Cheers to every woman who feels vulnerable but still takes a step forward and does what the heck she wants!



Dress – Designed by me and made by my tailor (other options here, here and here), Shoes – Zara, Bag – Michael Kors (this is cute, love this), Earrings – from India (check out this other earrings I am obsessing over here, here ; if you’re in Kenya, you’re best chance is Diamond Plaza!)


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