The Real Happening Stuff

I’ve never been one for trends and buying things simply because they are “trendy”. I discovered long ago that my style was about me and not what the world prescribed it to be every season: spring, summer, winter…but every now and then, the things i love become trendy or some of the trends happen to just be my cup of tea. My two recent loves have been block shoes (like the white zara ones you see in this post) and also straw bags! OMG, these bags have become ALL the rave and at the end of the post, I will add links to some of my current favourites. While in Kenya, these bags have been pretty easy to come by and I have even played around with some of them, which I will show in upcoming posts. For my Kenyan followers, Maasai market is where its at! But always remember, create your own trends too, don’t simply follow!


Top – Topshop, Skirt – Nastygal, Shoes – Zara, Bag – Maasai Market (Yaya centre)

Bag Options: one, two, three, four

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6 thoughts on “The Real Happening Stuff

    1. Thanks my love! i thank my genes for my hair but you can still take care of yours and make great progress. I will share what I do with mine in a post soon so keep checking 🙂 xx

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