Nusu na Nusu

Today, I had a very interesting experience in a Maasai market in Nairobi (Yaya centre). I made my way there to basically buy colourful baskets and one of the vendors asked me where I was from. Of course, I proudly stated that I was Nigerian. 1. Because I am a proud Nigerian, as my previous post showed 2. They don’t give me as outrageous prices while bargaining. And then one of them replied, “ah but you’re nusu na nusu”. For all my non-Kenyans, this means half and half. My first reaction was to laugh because in the simplest way I guess, I am half and half. But even funnier was the fact that the first thing that came to my mind when he said that was milk, half and half milk (one of the numerous categorisations of milk I found out about when I went to school in America). Sigh, sometimes my mind is crazy.

But unto other things, here are photos from a blissful trip I made to Diani earlier this year that just blew my mind away. In this outfit, I ended up matching with the flowers and leaves around. But what also made this place so incredibly beautiful was the architecture. It was a sight to behold!


Dress – Made at home (Nigeria), Slippers – India



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