Five Necessary Truths

As my 25th birthday gets closer, I have spent more and more time meditating on what I want for my life and what the actual truths are; what’s worth believing and what’s not. And I have zeroed it down to these five! I would love to also have you guys share your truths with me in the comments or even dispute me

  1. You are your own happiness: Sometimes I forget this when I spend so much time thinking about who I want in my life or who I need to make me happy. But in those moments when I dance to music alone in a room or go shopping in Maasai Market to improve my mood, I realise that all I need for my happiness is me (and some money of course hahaha)
  2. If they care, they will always be there: I have had friends come and go, here and there and I have friends who I don’t talk to for months on months. But, the ones who are there, just are. No matter how many months go by, they pick up my call and are the same dependable people I fell in love with. And sometimes, there are people who I once thought would be forever, but have left. And I have come to realise that that’s okay. It simply means they weren’t for me.
  3. You have to live your own life: At the end of the day, that brother or neighbour or aunty or even mother will go home. And you will be left with your choices and the question you need to ask yourself is: did I do this for me? The answer needs to be yes
  4. The world owes you nothing: Absolutely nothing. Whatever you want, you have to work for it and realise that it will never be handed to you. Even the simple things in life, you should be grateful and thankful for.
  5. Live in the moment, as much as for the future, and never in the past: I recently watched an interview of couples where they were asked who is the person that lives for the future and the person who lives for the present. In my mind, I realised I was a complete “future” person. And while that is great, sometimes I forget to focus on and enjoy the present for exactly what it is: awesome. And one of my biggest flaws is that I keep revisiting my past, and not in a positive way. Trust me, big mistake; I have spoilt some great days by doing that. I am working on completely changing that.


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7 thoughts on “Five Necessary Truths

  1. You are so pretty! All your points are totally accurate, point 4 is so key in particular. The world really owes us nothing and as you said, if we want something we have to be willing to work for it. Great post. xx

  2. so wise for such a youngster Dhvani. i wasn’t nearly as self aware or aware of the world around me when i was your age. i can say, however, that a few things have come to me as i have gone through this fabulous life.

    1: one of the biggest truths in my life is that you receive what you send out. i find this to be one of the most pervasive truths in my existence. and i do believe the energy proliferates on the return. i find myself always considering the positive or negative aspects of things that i do and how that energy will impact my life in the future. it has become easier and easier as i age to give with the understanding that i don’t need to expect anything in return. the return is automatic.

    2: the universe is set up to give us what we want. we really can call to us what we want in life. belief, true belief, is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

    i am enjoying watching your journey.

    all the best,

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