My New Obsession

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know my greatest new obsession and if you don’t, well you’re missing out on a lot.


This is the start of series of posts on athleisure. But when I say athleisure, I am really just talking about different ways a girl like me who loves dresses and skirts, can adapt to wearing just about anything in her wardrobe with….wait for it….SNEAKERS! And if you want to join the club, here are 3 main things you want to be thinking about while buying those sneakers:

  1. Start off with a simple, comfortable black pair. Because they go with everything and they ease you into the process. I started with an all black pair of Nike roshes. Also I emphasize comfortable because not all of them are and the silliest thing you could possibly do is buy an uncomfortable pair of sneakers.
  2. Don’t get similar pairs of sneakers all the time. Try to vary colours, styles and even brands (I am a Nike sneaker head but I had to get this adidas NMD)
  3. Make sure every time you’re buying a pair, you’ve already matched it with about 5 outfits in your closet. It just doesn’t make sense to have sneakers that don’t go with your clothes and colour aesthetic. You’ll just be frustrated.


Dress – Mango, Sneakers – Adidas NMDs (just keep your eye out on this page)

P.S: These adidas sneakers are ridiculously comfortable and I love them!


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