Taking Stock 2017

What better way to catch up in this new year than to take stock? It’s only been a month and my mind is already buzzing! And I have been blessed to begin with a couple of days on a beautiful, beautiful trip. I hope 2017 shows me Kenya in ways I will always remember.

img_0322Making: plans for the year and trying to figure out exactly what my goals are and how I am going to go about accomplishing them

Cooking: Chinese fried rice and pork because i have been craving Chinese every now and then. At some point, you have to think of your bank account and stop ordering (noooo)

Drinking: Not water. And that is stopping exactly today. So I am going to be drinking lots of water.


Reading: A very interesting book called Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald, which I bought in Toi market, Nairobi. I finally found a place that I can buy second hand books for more affordable prices and so I can buy a lot too! If you’re in Nairobi, you need to go sniffing around Toi for books!

Wanting: Some fancy Maasai choker necklaces that I have come across in some blogger pictures on Instagram. Don’t be surprised to find them in some blog posts some time soon.

Playing: Nigerian music on Beats which just really puts me in this very productive mood. Let’s hope I don’t just run my fingers across the keypad without doing any actual work hahaha.

Wasting: No time in planning for this year because honestly this year isn’t going to wait for me. I am turning 25 this month guys. Damn.

Creating: to-do lists. For my job, for the blog…

Enjoying: my memories of last weekend’s getaway that was about the most beautiful white sand beach with the clearest water. Absolutely where my heart belongs…


Wondering: whether a mixture of egg whites and sugar whisked together is really going to make a difference to my skin. Either way, I am going to try. Oh and also whether Donald Trump will allow me to do an MBA in America. Sigh, the Nigerian struggles.

Loving: My new pairs of sneakers that I have accumulated over the past 4 months. I keep looking at them and wanting to put them on all at the same time.

Hoping: That I accomplish my goals for this year because i am quite determined and maybe you can all help me as we go along!

Marvelling: At the way some people can be so annoying, irritating and ignorant. I think 2017 has decreased my tolerance level for people who say nonsense. I just switch off. *side eye*

Needing: More proper shoes, not just sneakers *face palm* I got carried away…

Smelling: Mangoes in the grocery shop whenever I stop by. I don’t know, I just have a thing for their sweet smell…

Wearing: Sneakers with basically every outfit. Hahaha. Yassss.

Noticing: That time is really a precious commodity and needs to be treasured and spent wisely. Like money. Time is money…


Knowing: That no matter how hard or frustrating anything might be, I am blessed to have the support system I have and I can never underestimate that.

Thinking: About what content you guys would love to see this year. Please throw suggestions in the comment box!

Feeling: Grateful for all I have. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the bird in your hand while you’re thinking about the two in the bush (lol look at me being all wise with my proverbs)

Bookmarking: Blog posts for inspiration

Giggling: At Nigerian videos and jokes on Instagram. Those things have me looking crazy while I stare at my phone and laugh uncontrollably.

Pictures at Diani Beach, Kenya (I have been to beaches in Belize, Florida and now, Kenya. This is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life. FACT.)



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