Love Her. Don’t Punish Her. (how to lose weight without dying)

Let’s be clear, the title of this post is simply not possible if you’re actually serious about losing weight (lol. I kid. I kid.) Nevertheless, I will start by saying I am no expert in losing weight but I have tried a little of everything and recently, I have been quite successful. First of all, it might sound very cliché but it’s got to be a lifestyle and not a quick fix (yes, yes, grumble as much as you need to and get back to this post once you’re done). Now, here are my tips towards a healthier life:

Start slowly. Set little goals for yourself. I started with running 1 mile or skipping 700 times over the course of a day. And each time, challenge yourself with something a little more

Reduce the carbohydrates in your diet. Enjoy more vegetables, discover your love for sweet potatoes and cut out rice, rice, rice, bread, bread, bread

Every time you feel a sweet craving, close your eyes and count to ten and imagine your body as the hottest you want it ( haha. but seriously) or find a fruit you really like or you can at least deal with and eat that instead

Green tea and lemon water (or just water, because that stuff works miracles with your skin and cleansing out your system). My new thing, which my mother has been trying to teach me for YEARS now, is to drink a small bottle of water immediately I wake up

Follow inspirational people on Instagram that are like you: have your body type, like certain foods, aren’t too skinny, don’t want to lose ass, whatever it is. Look for them because they are out there

Be patient. Yes, I know, so annoying, but I realize its easier for me to be patient when I actually fall in love with the body I have at every stage


Dress – ASOS, Bag – Mum’s beach bag, Glasses – Dapmod, Shoes – Zara, Umbrella – Zara

P.S. I LOVE THIS DRESS. And was actually a little miffed that it was big on me BUT yay to healthy living!

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11 thoughts on “Love Her. Don’t Punish Her. (how to lose weight without dying)

  1. I enjoyed reading this.
    got me cracking @discover your love for sweet potatoes…haha..its a serious matter.
    really helpful tips. thanks

    You look beautiful btw and I love the dress.

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