Thug Life

Damn. Guys. I am 6 months away from 25, my quarter century, and the moment I should probably be having my quarter-life crisis. And even though it might not seem like a big deal to some people, 25 is pretty impressive to me when I look at how much my outlook on life has progressed. Taking risks has never been a natural strength of mine. I believe in evaluating and being as risk averse as possible, till I realized that I live in this thing called life. And what is life, if not a chance to explore, learn and most importantly, live!  There are 5 things I have decided everyone should do before 25. As per usual people, these are just suggestions. I’m sure that you will still survive and live a happy life if you don’t accomplish them. I’m also sure, however, that if you do follow these, you will thrive and lead a life of promise and fulfillment.

Learn a new language: Sometimes, when listening to Yoruba, I can’t help but be amazed at how every word literally creates what feels like a whole, new authentic sound. And it is honestly fascinating how Hausa is so heavily influenced by Arabic. With all these interesting things, why not learn a new language outside of your own?

Forgive someone: At different points in your life, friends, family, or frenemies have probably wronged you. And holding unto grudges really takes a little bit away from you every time, so stop holding onto them. Forgive that girl who stole your eraser in JS3 or that friend that wasn’t available to pick your phone call when you needed them most. You will be better for it.

Experiment with your hair: Think about it, before you hit 25, you should take a risk with your hair. Chop it off, grow it out, go natural, or even color it (like me!) There are many routes you could go through to get your hair set up with a new look. It might be scary to you but it could also be a liberating and exciting feeling.

Have a pet: Parrot. Cat. Dog. For better or for worse, having a pet teaches a lot of life lessons that you might otherwise not learn until you have children and by then, you’re like OMG. TOO MUCH. Also, just to vouch for dogs, they are incredibly loving if you’re an emotional, connecting type of person.

Fall in love: And don’t necessarily get married or just dream of getting married. Just fall in love with someone and revel in the feeling that it gives you on its own. Fall in love with a friend who spoils you or a guy. But understand what it means to go from happiness to sadness and from anger to compassion. It’s a risk that we all deserve to take once in a while, but make sure you know who you are as a person before you do. It makes all the difference.


Top – ASOS, Skirt – Zara, Shoes – Zara, Bag – H&M, Dog – Elie’s adorable sister, Ginger (my mother’s baby); Elie can be found here

P.S. Every thug needs a down-ass bitch (don’t quote me)

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One thought on “Thug Life

  1. I need to have a pet again. I’m getting married soon, so I crossed the Love part. I didn’t fall in love per se, it was more of a growing realisation – I will actually enjoy loving you, so let’s do this. 😁
    On learning a new language, I love the Duolingo app. On forgiveness, I hope I do not get weary soon. I also hope my loved ones do not get tired of forgiving me, as well.

    Happy Birthday in advance! 🎊🎊🎊

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