Taking Stock

In the past couple of weeks, I have been doing my best to work on myself as a person. I am transitioning my life at the moment and for some reason, I view it as a chance to almost start again…or to start differently and happily. In life, a lot of us feel the burden of making people other than ourselves happy: society, family, friends, acquaintances and so on. But the older I grow and the more I question the things that happen around me, the more I realize that above all, my life is mine and mine alone. If I want to be truly happy, I have to seize that happiness for myself and not for others. And it’s not easy to do that without creating ripples around you and probably upsetting a good amount of people. But you know what I say to that? you love me…then you’re happy only when I am happy. So let me take stock!


Making: Choker necklaces with my mother. Her creativity always amazes me and she got to work with me once I mentioned what I wanted…I made just about every type I wanted. Plus, with the economy, people cannot be buying things just anyhow, thus forcing out your creative side lol!

Cooking: Banana pancakes! two bananas, two eggs, a dash of cinnamon and blend to perfection. Heat up your pan, spread a little butter and pour the mixture unto the pan in small round circles.

Drinking: All teas people. Green, lemon, ginger, peppermint, chamomile…

Reading: A book I borrowed from a bestie, daughters who walk this path by Yejide Kilanko. It was a novel that spoke volumes about Nigerian attitudes towards rape, children, silence; things that need change in every way

Wanting: Cake of some sort…nice, delicious, dry, crumbly cake. I have never been a moist cake person…moist cakes just feel like cakes with uncooked eggs to me. Yuck.

Playing: Music with the use of my mother’s Bose headphones. Damn, music never sounded so clear and badass

Wasting: Absolutely no time in meeting my fitness goals and getting to the gym as often as my lazy bum will let me

Creating: schedules in my head mapping out the next couple of years in my life. let’s see how it goes!

Enjoying: Every single moment at home…

Wondering: Where exactly Nigeria is heading at the moment. Things don’t seem to be getting much better

Loving: My body at every stage in my journey because it’s about time I realized that I am just as beautiful with that 1kg on or off

Hoping: That I stay motivated in my health and fitness journey regardless of how difficult and tiring each day of my life might be

Marvelling: At people’s ability to draw other people down rather than support them and move them up

Needing: To learn how to guarantee my own happiness before others because when they’re gone, I am going to be left to myself. Also needing sneakers on sneakers on sneakers, I am obsessed!


Smelling: My new bottle of my signature scent, Si by Giorgio Amani that my mummy replaced! So excited to be smelling like me again, hehehe

Wearing: Gym clothes all the time…

Noticing: That I was too quick to be happy about certain changes in my life and that I need to be more cautious with my heart and who I give power over it.

Knowing: That in the end, something good will come 🙂

Thinking: About how I will get off this couch, change and head to the gym in half an hour. Sigh.

Feeling: All the feels people, all the feels.

Bookmarking: Nothing at the moment, pretty content with my current lazy existence.

Giggling: At everything my dogs do, they are unbelievably adorable and mischievous


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