Color Me Crazy

It’s no secret that I love color! My shoes, my clothes, my nails, my food, everything. I am pretty sure that this phase of my life is everything my mum has been waiting for (I was pretty all about black at some point). But I get criticized sometimes for being so colorful. The other day, I got called shallow about caring about what I wear *eye roll*. According to my critique, children are dying all over the world and I care about what I wear in the morning. My reply? Okay Mother Teresa, please carry everybody on top of your head and save the world. Because the rest of us apparently don’t care.

Anyway, I thought I should give a couple of reasons about why I care about what I wear (maybe I could convince you. If not, it’s really not by force)


  1. First impressions: It’s almost like a CV of sorts. Whether or not you like it, human beings are shallow and they will judge you the moment you walk in. If you really couldn’t care less, great for you, but if you’re in an industry where people care how you look and carry yourself, then maybe you want to step up your style
  2. Mood influencers: When I am having a really crappy day, I tend to look my best. For some reason, dressing up makes me feel better and helps me care more about the little things I can control (such as how I look) and not kill myself over the bigger things that are out of my hand. Honestly, it keeps me sane. You should try it.
  3. Chance at escape: Give you an opportunity to look like someone else without having to actually change yourself. I am naturally very Audrey Hepburn with circle skirts, turtle necks and then maybe throw in all my color to make me happy. But every now and then, I do enjoy being a Marilyn Monroe for a little bit and with clothes, I can accomplish just that. So next time you see me, don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize who you see *wink*
  4. Industry appreciation: The way you appreciate your iPhones, cars, technology, whatever… and it took a lot of work and smarts for people to come up with that, it works the same for people in fashion. It takes smarts and creativity for designers to come up with ideas that filter through the runway to high end stores and finally to department stores. Every single thing you wear had some thought process put behind it. And as someone who has worked in fashion, I can tell you fo’ sho, it ain’t easy.

So the next time you want to criticize someone for caring about clothes, maybe question yourself first *side eye* Alright haterade tirade done. Love you!










P.S: It’s a special person’s birthday today and I just want to give my very special love to them with all I can muster. Here’s to success in future for all of us!

Dress – Zara, Shoes – ASOS, Bag – Harrods. Location – Sweet Kiwi Yoghurt

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