Back To Life

IMG_6999IMG_7007IMG_7010It’s been quite a while since I have last been here and an apology won’t even cover how bad I feel for taking off. It’s been a very busy and interesting past 10 months. And I thought the best way to come back would be to take stock. I’ve hardly had time to do that. So here I go:

Making: Green tea every damn day because it was prescribed by my health supervisor (my public name for my fitness trainer lol)

Cooking: I honestly do not find time to cook. And to be honest, cooking has never been a thing of mine. I wasn’t born to do it and frankly I haven’t summoned the survival instinct to cook or apparently, the wifely one (yes, yes I know, i’ll never find husband. I won’t die)

Drinking: Green tea and hot water with lemon in it. I have lemon in everything now. I mean, water is so basic at this point. Spice it up or should I say, sour it up! Throw in some lemon slices and feel fancy and healthy

Reading: Anything I can get my hands on. I picked up a book again about 2 months ago when I travelled to Kenya and I’m hooked to reading again. How did I ever stop? My latest book was incredibly interesting. It’s called Natchez Burning by Greg Iles.

Wanting: The usual. To lose weight. It’s a constant battle and I hope you guys don’t hate me for it. I simply believe in being at the size you’re happy at. In a very bad way, for me, being skinnier is more delicious than cake. If only someone told my mouth and tummy that because they clearly didn’t get the memo.

Playing: Wizkid songs again and again because he’s just good at what he does. As a Nigerian, I have to say I am proud. And it helps when I am working out because I am just bumping to that beat like uhuh!

Wasting: Time getting back to my blog. But that’s about to stop! I have missed you guys so much and I have missed blogging but trust me when I say, other things were sincerely taking my time.

Creating: A plan for my future. Some things have changed and God willing, some bigger changes will happen in months to come. I promise to share as time goes on so don’t worry.

Enjoying: The fan I brought to work that is blowing in my face. Some people cannot even afford to bring fan to work so simply thanking God for the little things lol!

Wondering: How much lower my country will fall and how much longer it will take for me to ever contemplate looking at the dollar exchange rate or order from ASOS. Sigh.

Loving: My life at the moment because the past couple of months have been difficult and right now, I am choosing to appreciate each and every day as it comes. That much I can do for myself.

Hoping: That my plan for the next stage of my life works out because I really hope and believe in it.

Marvelling: At life’s ability to just up and surprise or shock you when you least expect it. Ever seen those puns on stationary or shoes that say “Life is a beach”? Yes, friends, life is a beach. hahahaha.

Needing: Insecticide for my room to kill all those mosquitoes that are terrorizing my life. I legitimately dreamt about mosquitoes even in my sleep and they were these huge blood sucking monsters. Not far from the truth, but they gotta go.

Smelling: My signature scent, Si by Giorgio Amani because I’m about to run out of the huge bottle my mum got me the last time she travelled.

Wearing: Loose clothes because its hot in this country and I need to air my body every chance I get so I can stay sane. Also wearing lipstick. It’s my new obsession since things started getting harder over in this country. It might not make complete sense but I just decided that I wanted to grow my lipstick collection and wear lipstick everyday. Not foundation, eyeliner and all of that. Just lipstick.

Noticing: That my brothers are treating me like a fully grown adult. I mean, I am one, but when you have older brothers, they have a hard time treating you like it’s your life and your decision. But mine have come around. Thank God for that

Knowing: That God’s timing really is the most important and that I will be steered according to His will.

Thinking: About what to eat for dinner…it’s already 5:15pm…

Feeling: Uncertain. Grateful. Worried. Appreciative. A lot of mixed feelings at this point in my life

Bookmarking: Ideas for new blog posts so I can really throw myself back into this.

Giggling: Nervously because someone surprised me today and I really didn’t see it coming. You never really know people as well as you think you do, I guess.




20 thoughts on “Back To Life

  1. you are precisely where you need to be and everything will come to you. i believe this. the world needs more like you. stay the course. you are a pioneer, a brave soul, a phenomenal woman.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! And everything good will come. That has been my motto for this year and I strongly believe this. You’re doing so well.

    I think I’m going to write something like yh for for my blog. Love the approach you used to address so much.

    Again, thank you 🙂

    1. this is very encouraging my love! and it is my pleasure to share my thoughts in the best manner possible to connect with strong, encouraging women like you. many kisses!

  3. You look krim krim like chips!

    Everything good will come. One of my new favourite songs is called Intentional. It’s basically saying that everything you are going through is Intentional and God has a plan because he is never failing. Love and light.

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