Kerala Diaries: Deux

And then there were two

Our second day in Kerala began with beautifully presented lotus flowers by the crew, alongside breakfast, while still on the houseboat. We began a nice cruise back to the resort that including the rising of the sun and the watching of fishermen going about their daily morning tasks. My mum and I enjoyed the view with our feet dangling over the edge of the houseboat with the water close enough that you wish to dip your feet in it but far enough that you would probably fall while trying to do that. On our way, we persuaded the crew to stop by a beautiful, blindingly green rice paddy so we could see it close up. This, my lovelies, is my India.

P.S: I have finally purchased my favorite pair of ripped jeans ever. They fit perfectly. Everyone needs at least 1 pair of jeans that fit perfect in their wardrobe.










Top – Mango, Ripped Jeans – Mango, Bag – Harrods


3 thoughts on “Kerala Diaries: Deux

  1. I really love your style Dhvani! Do you have any tips for incorporating more colour into one’s wardrobe? I’m dark skinned and want to have more colour. I’m tired of wearing black/grey/brown as it doesn’t complement my skin tone. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Miriam, sorry I never replied this. I was so caught up in work and thought I did. I would say that the best way to incorporate colors in your wardrobe is to begin with accessories! So start with your jewelry. Color looks beautiful on dark skin so go with yellows, pinks, blues and when you do that, slowly incorporate accessories like bags. Bags always add a pop if your outfit isn’t doing that already. And then with that, you can slowly add clothes after you get comfortable with accessories. Experiment and see what you like! Color blocking is very ‘in’ right now so color block and have fun with it! Please feel free to ask me any more questions. I hope this was helpful 🙂

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