Kerala Diaries

Overwhelmingly beautiful…

With this trip to India, my mum and I promised ourselves that we were going to do something different for once. In all our previous trips we simply stayed in our city, shopped and ate good food with family. But we reasoned, India must be a beautiful country, so let’s explore. Hence, our decision to go to Kerala, which led us to a small beautiful resort: Punnamada resort in a little village with winding, unbelievably narrow streets. I mean, these streets were so narrow that my heart was constantly in my mouth because I was so scared we would hit someone or some auto rickshaw would hit us! Of course, none of that happened. When we arrived, we spent a night in the resort watching the boats come in, eating the delicious south Indian food (My Godddddddd….) and getting relaxing massages. We also began our dreamy time on a houseboat that lasted till the next day, a must have experience!¬†On this boat, we meandered through the lake enjoying the sights of man made villages that could only be reached with water transport. We also had lunch, dinner, and breakfast the next morning on the boat. Since we stayed overnight on the boat, we got to fish and watch the sun set magically over the water.

P.S. Fishes are smart. They can actually eat the side of your bait instead of the place where the hook is. Do not let yourself be fooled by fishes. Do not fish.

Also, in sunny environments, flow dresses and slippers are always a great choice! Sigh, summer is coming to an end















Dress – W (Indian brand), Slippers – from India, Sunglasses – Forever 21


8 thoughts on “Kerala Diaries

    1. thanks my love! I use a Canon T3 Rebel with a 50 mm lens 1.8 f stop. I am being very specific because one of the frustrating things I had with blogging in the beginning is that bloggers I asked were never really specific about their cameras.

  1. Beautiful blog you’ve got!!. Found your blog from Cassie Dave’s blog.Great photography by the way,what camera do you use?

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