Taking Stock (2)

It’s that time again

In accordance with what I started last month, I am continuing with my taking stock series. I am feeling lazy/excited to write this one. In fact, I am always lazy/excited in my life lol! I guess a good combination of both allows for adventure and accomplishment, amen! Plus, please share any thoughts with me on your month too! Here goes,

Making: lists of things to remember to buy in India for myself and my friends before I get back. Whenever I travel, I am always ambitious and a lot of times forget little things here and there. It can be very frustrating. Not going to let it get me this time!

Cooking: Boiling: eggs at the moment. Cooking in India is hardly needed when my aunt creates first class dishes or I dine on the most delicious biryanis from several places. Yes, this is my present life.

Drinking: Indian coffee. I say Indian coffee because its just different from normal coffee. Instead of being a quick, bitter, dark jerk to life in the morning, its a sweet, seducing, milky rise to your morning. I love Indian coffee.

Reading: The Pregnant King by Devdutti Pattanaik. This book contains a good amount of Indian mythology and it has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of truths, false truths and lies. I have so many quotes I would love to share from it but here is one to start, “The truth is not poison. It is our inability to handle it that makes it poisonous”

Wanting: To visit more and more places with the people I love. I just went on a bonding trip with my mum that was the best and most beautiful ever. I even got her to tell me her three most happy moments in her life. And no, it wasn’t when she gave birth to my two brothers and I, lol! I told her those were not options.

Playing: Ojuelegba by Wizkid. There is just something about this song that has me swaying and thanking God for life. You definitely should listen to it.

Wasting: nothing I can think of right now. I am trying to absorb it all in any way I can, no matter the circumstances.

Creating: edits for pictures I took this past week and reliving the moments in my heart. Also creating more designs for more clothes lol!

Wishing: I could speak my mother tongue (Telugu) because I would feel more connected to my Indian side and also share that with my mother. I am sure she would have loved someone to speak Telugu with back in Nigeria. I figure that it would make her feel more at home. Because whats better than living in Nigeria and still being able to speak your Indian language with family?

Enjoying: time with family, shopping, traveling, playing Indian board and wrestling games

Wondering: how my life with a puppy is going to be like. Yes boos, I will be getting a puppy soon!! I am terribly excited.

Loving: the memories I have of this trip to India. My mummy made it a truly special one

Hoping: that in my life I will be able to create more memories in beautiful places because at the end of the day, it won’t be the days you spent in the office you will remember, but the ones you spent in the presence of those you love, in places you imagined.

Marvelling: at the beauty India manages to encapsulate in its borders. It manages to cram so many wonders in it and I have decided that I need to explore more often when I come

Needing: A hair trim and treatment because I think my split ends are going out of control and my hair has been really misbehaving recently.

Smelling: jasmine flowers whenever I can. They are basically everywhere in India. When I was young and visited India, my mum used to have them braided into my hair!

Wearing: Shalwar kameezs almost everyday because when in Rome, you dress like the Romans, lol! Also, I try to blend in in India, more than stand out.

Noticing: the difference in my hair since I left New York. It’s as if my hair is protesting my choice to move. She better get with the program though.

Knowing: that I have definitely put back on weight that I lost at home. I would blame myself but I would rather blame delicious food and my doting family. Seriously. They have left me at home for one day and already called three time to make sure I have been eating.

Thinking: of all the new lifestyle changes my puppy will introduce into my life, like waking up earlier, caring for someone who makes me happy. Seriously, dogs are the best animals ever created because they are faithful, loving and understanding.

Feeling: a mix of trepidation and excitement as my move to Lagos inches closer and closer

Bookmarking: more of bum and squat exercises because I figure that if I cannot gain a flat tummy as fast as I want, gaining a bigger booty will compensate no?

Giggling: At the fact that I just mentioned the above thoughts concerning bookmarking lol! but honestly, am I wrong?

P.S. more blog posts on India coming soon!


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