I did a lot to get ready for this

When I say that it took a lot of pain to make this post, I mean it in the most significant insignificant way (that’s right, significant insignificant). What was this pain, you ask?

I waxed my legs.

I will give you a moment to imagine the ripping of the hair off my poor skin and the shocking pain that came with it, despite the fact that I expected it each time.

While waxing my legs, my mum asked a very important question which I battle with as a feminist: “why do you have to remove the hair?” She asked it in a simple manner that seemed to suggest that hair is natural, and more closely to unnatural is the process of applying wax and ripping it off. And it got me thinking…after all, I am blessed with a lot of hair and if I wasn’t, then I wouldn’t have my full head of hair. What makes it great to have hair like that on top but different about it on my legs? This question caused me to think about the standards of beauty that women in today’s world are supposed to adhere to. Every now and then, I fall prey to these standards because I think I agree with the notion of a certain type of beauty. As a result, I wax my legs, I shave my arm pits and I generally try to pass myself off as clean as a baby’s bottom (except in winter, then to hell with err body). Will I continue to do this? Will I eventually get laser treatment? Will I let it grow and not give a crap? I guess we’ll never know till we know


As they say, beauty is pain (I personally only agree to this in regard to fashion). Would you agree? and do you support the idea of women ripping or shaving hair off their bodies?

PS. Take an extra moment to admire the legs, i’d appreciate it lol!















Top – Zara, Skirt – Zara (I like this and that), Heels – Shoedazzle (like this and because this shoe makes me think of candy, here’s another one), Bag – Luijo, Bangles – H&M, Headwrap – Ankara made at home

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6 thoughts on “Wax

  1. Great outfit, you look lovely! I fully understand what you mean with the leg-shaving thing, my mum also asked me that once. I guess it doesn’t help that my legs feel so smooth afterwards. It makes it hard to stop!

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