Ice Cream

A day on the beach and a men’s shirt!

This shirt is basically one of the best parts of dating a boy and being his stylist (though arguably so); you get to find a shirt as great as this! And even better, you get to buy matching versions as a fun vacation gift. Yes, that’s right, I bought matching shirts and I made him wear his on the same day as me. I am pretty sure that many people we passed were quite amused.

P.S. I am learning to love my body even in the process of exercising and trying to lose some weight to get back to where I was before. And you know what? I am starting to love it a little more every day while striving to be better and healthier. My thighs have always been quite meaty lol but trying to lose more in the tummy area. Not to mention, damn I have tanned!







Shirt – Forever 21 Men, Bikini – Target

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6 thoughts on “Ice Cream

  1. Deee, you look fabulous!!!!! I remember the first time I read your post about losing weight. I was wondering “What? What is wrong with her?”. As long as you have it in your mind that you are perfect, then you are. I think it’s okay to work out and do the likes for health reasons and to feel comfortable carrying oneself but if it’s solely for the body to look good, my dear ashes to ashes we shall return. Rock what you have! ❤ ya and I miss you. Smile more in these pictures!!!

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