Color, color and more color!

New Orleans or as they pronounce it, Nawlins, was a great, great place to visit this past week. As I am moving back, I realized that I hadn’t actually travelled around America much. To be honest, I hadn’t even really been around NYC much. sigh. Laziness, people, it can be a buzzkill. My advice to you is travel and experience while you can. It’s a lesson my mother has taught me that I can never forget. Travel is exposure, travel is knowledge, and most of all, travel is fun! Oh, and a simple wardrobe always works best for such experiences.

Nawlins was an interesting and fantastic place. After walking around the neighborhood we were staying in with Airbnb, we headed to the French Quarter which has all the museums and the beautiful, old, streets. Also, this is party town; day drinking is highly encouraged and advertised while on the streets. Gotta have a sippy cup! Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the beignets (french donuts, whom the man referred to as simply mandazis with powder on top for the benefit of any Kenyans). I really wanted to show those, but alas, I ate them too quickly and remembered only after.

P.S. It is SO hard to be on a diet while you are travelling. Any advice?











Dress – H&M (also bought and wearing this), Necklace – H&M, Watch – Michael Kors, Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters














7 thoughts on “Nawlins

    1. Jen, I am completely with you. I was able to make this trip due to money I had saved in college over 4 years so it is not easy but don’t worry, plan and hope and the time and money will eventually be on your doorstep. amen? xx

    1. thanks love! I bought the necklace from H&M and my friend in Kenya grumbled about me not having her buy it. I agree but I couldn’t wait, could i?? lol! And traveling is the BIZNESS! xx

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