Lace Up

I have never really been a fan of these.

I believe that it took me a while to start loving lace up heels. They do offer that hint of sexy and teasing to every outfit but I always felt like they were too risqué for me. But hey, style is always evolving so here I am, in lace up heels. To make myself more comfortable, I couldn’t help throwing in my signature high waisted pencil skirt with a slit, and its denim! This skirt is a great way to introduce that something that hints sexy into something considered casual (denim). What do you guys think of the skirt? And also lace up heels are a go??

P.S: Signature bun equally tops my head. I want to do a post where you guys get to know me a little better. Any suggestions for what people would like?











Top – Loft (similar

Skirt –

Shoes – Forever 21 (sold out, check out Zara)

Coat – J Crew



9 thoughts on “Lace Up

  1. Oh My!!!! You look darlingggg! Didn’t even know when you put up this post but it is sooo beautiful! I love how you threw on the coat for a season-transition-friendly look too. I’ve missed your posts!

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