Cute and Forever

Why am I so late to the party?

The more interested I am in fashion, the more I think about how I could decorate my room and my surroundings with cute or fashionable daily pieces. And I found forever 21 accessories to be a goldmine!!!! Here are some cute ones I have picked out that I hope to acquire over time if need be. They range from $1.90 – $4.90. Talk about a steal! Need reasons to buy them? (aside from having pretty things) you could store jewelry or make up in the little pouches so when you travel etc. you can do so fashionably! And if you are going to curl your lashes, you might as well do it with a pretty piece and don’t forget that you can always look stylish with that striped pink lint roller in hand. No need to thank me!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.02.21 AM


From top left: Faux Leather A Initial PouchStriped Cosmetic Brush SetPolka Dot Paddle BrushStriped Lint RollerTrès Chic Makeup BagMetallic C’est la Vie Cosmetic PouchPolka Dot Cosmetic Brush SetPastel Eyelash CurlerPolka Dot Makeup Case




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