Church or Club?

Frankly, sometimes I cannot tell the difference

One of the more hilarious facts about me is my lack of clubbing experience as an adult. Dressing up much and wearing heels to go dance for hours is fun for me only if you take out the compulsory “club” outfit and the heels. This is why my favorite spot to dance plays Caribbean and African music, and permits me to don a nice top, jeans and flats. This way, I can really “bruk it down”. Because of this, I sometimes find it hard to delineate between outfits that are for the church and those that are for the club. My friends shake their heads at my outfit choices as they tend to think that a good number of the ones I choose to wear to the club could really be worn to church, but over the past year, I have slowly gotten better at it. This is also because I just love what I love and would want to wear it to wherever, whenever. And I believe midis are terribly sexy. So, now for the question: for this outfit, church or club?









Jacket – J Crew (sold out but just keep checking here, similar cut and collar here), Dress – Zara (really like this), Bracelet – Baublebar, Shoes – Zara, Clutch – DSW


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