Gift Giving Guide

I can help you with that!

As someone who enjoys receiving gifts and also giving them, I always like to think up ideas for gifts. My mother always loved the tradition of wrapping up and surprising us at christmas, even when we got older. Unfortunately, she has to deal with a daughter who would like to get EXACTLY what she wants as opposed to simply being surprised (don’t get me wrong, I still love surprises).

Moving on, there are 2 components of gift exchanges: receiving, and giving. Most people always wonder what to get their friends or loved ones and I have a piece of advice for everyone out there: Make it easier on your loved ones.

How? If you are like me and do not mind telling people exactly what you want, create a list with different budget levels and ask them simply what their budget is. Don’t be shy, $20? $30? whichever, and be prepared with something you would like at that price.

If you like surprises, you can still adopt the above and have several options at each budget level so that they can pick one and still surprise you a bit with it.

But if you like a complete surprise, then my one piece of advice is: you have to love whatever they get you. FULLSTOP.

Here are some gift options for her this Christmas:

Gift Guide

From Top Left: 1. Zara Mini City Bag 2. H&M Sneakers 3. Zara Striped Scarf 4. Messenger Bag 5. Sequined Jacket 6. H&M Handbag 7. Rhinestone Necklace 8. Velvet Bluchers 9. Nike Burgundy Sneakers 10. High Heel Bootie with Zip



Gift Guide 2


From Top Left: 1. Gold Frends x Baublebar Headphones set 2. Ked X Kate Spade Glitter Sneakers 3. Glitter Monogram Pouch 4. ASOS Embellished Clutch Bag 5. ASOS Beaded Box Clutch 6. Phased Out Bangle Set 7. ASOS Touchscreen Bow Gloves 8. Pearl Two Finger Ring 9. Tony Mony Lip Balm

I am much better at gifts for women but when I am thinking of options of what to buy for the man, here are my picks!

For him:

Gift Guide men


From Top Left: 1. Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews (for 15% discount, type in ‘holidaymagpie’ or ‘holidaythisisess’) 2. Beats By Dre 3. Giorgio Armani Perfume 4. Banana Republic Pullover 5. BR Twill Front Knit Jacket 6. Giorgio Armani Fragrance Gift Set 7. Risto by ALDO 8. Cole Haan Lunar Grand Wing Tip 9. Zurkova by ALDO


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