Doll Baby

Cute blue coats and the perfect combination of color heels

You guys will not believe the stress I went through to arrive at the outfit before you. The coat arrived from without too much trouble (even though I could describe it more as a long blazer–hence be careful about what you order). However, my shoes were literally the most stressful order I have made for my wardrobe! I do love them so much and the website has some cute shoes (link at end of post), BUT I ordered these shoes in August and only got them last week. So forewarning, they are sold out and I truly apologize but I did put them on my Instagram in August so make sure to follow me to get stuff in time! Anyway, I basically sent multiple emails and even demanded a refund etc. before my shoes finally arrived.












Coat – Romwe, Jeans – Zara, Sweater – H&M, Shoes – Kandee Shoes, Necklace – ALDO




13 thoughts on “Doll Baby

  1. These shoes look great!
    I’m wondering are they comfortable enough to wear to a part Or just in places where you will mostly be sitting down?

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