Black Friday and Mike Brown

How much is too much and when is it not?

Hello everyone, in the midst of all that’s happening in America, it is hard to not be depressed, disappointed and fearful about the state of the country and in many ways black people around the world. Right now, the movement surrounding the lack of Darren Wilson’s indictment is calling for a boycott of Black Friday. My understanding of this is to show America that it does have a significant population to care about who contribute to its rampant capitalism and economy. However, my honest contribution is that I do not believe that boycotting Black Friday can do a lot for the Black Americans and even more so, what if it hurts them? This manner of protest that hints at the possibility of a larger economic downturn as a lesson for America presents itself as a double edged sword. Yes, it will affect America but it will also start from the bottom and statistics show us the races who are at the bottom and will be most affected. As a fashion and politics blogger, I find this to be the crux of a complex identity such as mine. Where does the politics begin and what impact do I believe this can have on America and its racist state at the moment? Even outside of any fashion context, how does the connection of the political, economic and social take place such that we do not harm ourselves the most in the process? I wish I could voice my thoughts better right now but it’s hard to understand and describe.

However, I feel it necessary, in this case, to allow my followers to make that decision of boycotting Black Friday for themselves. That being said, I will provide my best picks from the sales that are ongoing and I myself am craving but thenĀ I leave it up to you.

What do you think?

Disclaimer: Header Picture from NBC News


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