Oldies and Goodies

What you must have and what you can never let go of!

One of my pastimes is sitting and daydreaming in my mind about my different outfits, how i would style them, and the possible upcoming events I can wear them to. The fact that there is basically only red going on here is coincidental. I have an unconscious slight obsession with red.

Goodie: I decided that a solid red coat is a staple and went on a hunt for one. I settled on this from J Crew. Also I had been looking for perfect red nail polishes and assigned my mother with the task of helping me distinguish between fierce oranges and actual reds (It’s not as easy as you think people). She purchased the awesome OPI nail polishes (one glossy, one smooth). Last but not least, I have been lusting after Chiara Ferragni’s Shoe Collection and till I am able to afford those, I found a strikingly similar and cheaper option  on GoJane

Oldie but Goodie: My dress was my FIRST vintage find (I can get real lucky sometimes). That red with the slit down the side is all sorts of steamy but elegant.

Goodie: MAC Ruby Woo. The perfect red lipstick for almost every shade of skin on the planet. Thank you MAC.





P.S: Those cute red lips of mine can be found at Sephora


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