Definite Denim

I’m all about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble

I’m all about investing in staples in every wardrobe. A timeless red coat? check. A white v-neck shirt? check. A comfy bum black skirt? check. And to be honest, there are a number of staples out there. I mean, I’m still trying to build mine up in my closet. But in the midst of the trenchcoats, high boots, camel coats, and classic oversized boyfriend shirts, one has to own a denim shirt (chambray could cut it too). A denim shirt, very much like denim trousers, make for easy, chill outfits. With my weakness for pencil skirts (especially when made in Nigeria and personally delivered by my mother), I was easily able to throw this denim shirt on.










Denim shirt – Zara (similar here), Skirt – Made in Nigeria (comment with email for any requests), Shoes – Zara


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