Less Buck for your Bang

And it’s Monday again! Find an awesome alternative to that expensive option

Today, I am going to follow the Valentino route of last week with two new items. The first item is the Valentino Rockstud Flap Bag:

I love the cute yet edgy look of this bag and it retails up to about $2,000 which I clearly *coughing* cannot afford

Valentino Garavani 2505 Rosy

This past week, I found and bought this small cute lookalike option:


Narrative (JustFab)

Bottom line: I received it and I love it!


The second item is the Valentino Rockstud Flats:

Just like the heels, the flats are a more comfortable but stylish shoe that adds some edginess to any outfit




My affordable options are these:


Rocker Chic Faux Patent Flats


Studying Pyramids Faux Leather Flats


Look out for the next new item on Less Buck for your Bang! (Hint: Chanel)

Disclaimer: Header found on Pinterest


4 thoughts on “Less Buck for your Bang

  1. So i just checked the Go Jane site for these absolutely beautiful lookalikes and unfortunately they dont ship to Kenya 😦

    1. Liz, you have a great point there my friend! I could buy many great things with that $2,000, a great many. And thank you! I was very happy to find it was almost exact. Lucky lucky us! 🙂

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