It’s out! Yes, I mean my hair
I know my hair is the biggest item at the table right now, literally, but I want to talk about color combinations first!

Color combinations are always powerful and sometimes questionable. However, it helps to know the colors that go together and the ones that are a no-no (even though with fashion, this category of no-no is quickly disappearing; I mean whoever always liked pink and red together and this whole color-blocking business??). There are easy colors to know and I believe that black and white is one of them. When times are hard, you don’t have the patience and you want to look good, a white-black combination is a go-go. However, I believe that one of the ways you can work with these two colors is to throw in silver or gold as the linking color. In my outfit, I have chosen gold as seen on my sweater and the buttons on my skirt. I have a preference of gold naturally but also gold goes better with this outfit because, for me, silver just seems like another version of grey (creating a bland palette of some sort) and simply won’t pop out of my outfit. Nevertheless, I encourage you all to be creative! Some of my best outfits have happened out of sheer trial and error!

And yes, back to the hair, I combed it out because I wanted a different look and voila!










Sweater – Forever 21 (currently craving this, should probably have been wearing this), Skirt – Zara (similar here & here), Shoes – Zara


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