Less Buck for your Bang

The start of a new series!

From now on, I will be putting up every now and then, an item that I believe is trending but has been pretty expensive to purchase and will offer you cheaper but cute options to replace it. Why did I come up with this idea? Because I realized that while I love classy and cute pieces, just like the next fashionista, I cannot always afford the Chanel or Louis Vuitton option. As a result, I go on a search for look alikes if you may.

This week’s item is the Valentino Rockstud Pump:



This has become a much beloved shoe of many women and I myself have fallen prey to its beauty. Of course, I could not dole out money in the 900s and 1000s to purchase a pair. I spent some time online and with the help of a great friend, came across this:


Very Studly Strappy Pointy Heels

There you go!

Happy Monday everybody!

P.S: If you ever need help tracking some item down or something similar to it, drop a comment! Also, let me know if you like this series!

Disclaimer: Header found on Pinterest



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