Striped Blue

The journey has begun

As I type this post, my body is aching all over from the pain of running a total of about 3.5 miles between yesterday and today plus a good number of ab exercises (yes, I know this is nothing to some of you). I have finally gotten off my butt and decided to diet (eat clean) and to exercise every day no matter what. This means no more flat pizza, Chinese, Japanese, short bread, small Lindt chocolates etc. As I like to tease my friend Shilpa (she’s a vegetarian), I have now taken to “eating grass” with a little meat on the side (oh and don’t forget the complex carbs)! But hey, it is all for a good cause. Because today I wore a dress that hung off me a year ago and now it fits snug. So what does that mean? I have got to hit the gym! Now, more importantly, why am I telling you this?

1. I hope to motivate anyone out there who might be sitting on their butt and waiting to start their journey (maybe we can motivate each other?)

2. I am hoping that telling you will keep me accountable to my own struggle and I will not quit until I get to my desired weight and shape dimensions (size?)

Aside from about an hour in the gym everyday, I have also begun, as of today, the 30 month ab and squats challenge. The ab challenge looks encouraging (I believe I can do it!). On the other hand, I have to warn you about the squats challenge. It is a MONSTER. But…like I said, all for a good cause!

Happy hump day every body!











Top and Skirt – H&M (found in the store but not online, similar here. But love this matching option here), Purse – Banana Republic, Shoes – ASOS


5 thoughts on “Striped Blue

  1. I am loving those shoes.
    And there has never been a blog post in which your nails are not on point.
    Do you do them yourself?

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