Sunflower Baby

Flowers for you m’lady!

I believe this was the last day of summer, and that ankara can brighten up my day! Hopefully, tomorrow will prove me wrong on the former and the future will confirm the latter. Today was a lazy day where I completed some assignments, looked for a couple of jobs, had a date with a bestie and watched Criminal Minds. Now I am going to head to bed with my light on because I am terrified of the psychos that lurk our universe. May the forces ever be in my favor!









P.S. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my content and provide my followers with the best experience possible. If there is anything you would like to see more on the blog, or any suggestions you have for me, please leave a comment below! Thanks

Also, more importantly, I love ankara and designing it. Do you love my style and want something like it? shoot me an email at or a message on my Facebook page

Dress – Ankara (Made in Nigeria), Clutch – Hush Puppies (really like this), Shoes – Zara (similar here), Watch – Michael Kors



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