Black Out

What do you wear when you go on that night out?

One of the parts of growing in my style was realizing that my notion of sexy might really not fall in line with skin tight clothes or mini skirts/dresses. The older I grow, the more “conservative” my “sexy” has become. To be honest with you, this has happened for a number of reasons, ranging from my self consciousness about my body to my need for comfort on a crazy or fun night out. As the years have added on, unfortunately some couple of pounds have followed, a good amount in the “right” places and a little everywhere else. Right now, I am not at my desired size as I would love to drop a couple. However, even with that, I have come to appreciate my “sexy” in waist cinched midi skirts and all black ensembles. What even works better is how my outfits need to make me feel comfortable. I cannot explain how annoying it is for me to keep pulling down on mini skirts etc. on a night out. This black Zara jumpsuit that I bought a couple of years ago does it all for me. It’s sexy but comfortable and elegant. I have to resist wearing it out all the time because it can also switch from a great day time piece to a night time one. But one word of warning for the jumpsuit. If you visit the bathroom a lot on a night out, you probably don’t want to be in one of these. But even then, it is sometimes worth the sacrifice!











Leather Jacket – Zara (similar here), Jumpsuit – Zara (similar options herehere and here), Bag – Zara (cheaper and still real cute color option here)  , Bracelets – H&M, watch – Michael Kors, Shoes – Express


10 thoughts on “Black Out

  1. Love love love! So classy, Dhvani! Jumpsuits are a must-have and you worked yours!!! & I’m stunned that those shoes were from Express. I need to fall in love with that store again.

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