Spread The Love (Giveaway)

I come bearing gifts!

New York Fashion Week is over and school is in full swing. To commemorate this period and also more than half a year of my blog, I decided to spread the love and celebrate the support from my followers so far.  This giveaway features a bag from my favorite store, Zara. If you have been following me or checking out my posts, you would know that I am a self appointed Zara ambassador. I wanted this bag for myself and knew that you guys would love it too! so I had to sacrifice that for all you lovely people, and I am glad I did so! Zara is THE store that caters to runway trends, but also at relatively affordable prices for college students like me. Here are some reflective moments wearing a few awesome Zara pieces:






But now for the fun part!

Please read below for instructions on how to enter the giveaway for this cute and trendy Zara bag:



1. Follow me on Instagram and regram your favorite post photo with the hashtags #ramblingsandsnaps #reSNAP (extra points for tagging people)

2. Share this post on Facebook tagging Ramblings and Snaps

3. Subscribe to the blog via email or bloglovin’


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