The Dawn of a New Era

What are you thinking?

This week has been filled with promises to myself, resolutions and commitments. I am in my senior year of university and at the beginning of every year, I, like many others, begin anew with so many plans and hopes. As I sit typing this post, I begin to feel the anxiety of it all creep upon me. Despite my great hopes and plans, I am human. And many times, being human means doubting oneself and what the future holds. However, I have learnt that even with all my effort, my future is not only determined by my hard work but also by the unknown (for me, this is God and it might be different for others – fate, destiny, luck etc.) So what do I plan to do? I plan to be Beyonce and put my back into it. Because if any of you watched the VMAs, you would learn that no matter what God might plan for us, sometimes, just sometimes, it may be exactly or even better than what we plan for ourselves. Here is to doing the best and putting my back into it!







Top – H&M, Skirt – Zara (similar cute options hereasos, and asos)


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