Ankara, ladies and gentlemen, is the way to go.

Every time I go home, I come back to America with a bunch of sewn and designed Ankara and also other material pieces. For me, it is an opportunity to design my own pieces and I have a lot of fun with it. Even better, because my mum is from India, she has different materials that I can use and combine with ankara. Aside from this post, I am going to be showing many of my pieces and if you are interested in what I wear, agree or like my style and would want something similar, shoot me a message on my Facebook page or comment with your email address.

This is a relaxed spin on my ankara pencil skirt…









Top – Loft, Skirt – Ankara made at home, Bag – H&M, Watch – Michael Kors (love this), Bracelets – ALDO & l.a.osborn, Rings – l.a.osborn initial ring



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