To which we all return…

A couple of weeks ago, I bought one of the most well reviewed books by an African author. To be honest, I am willing to buy any book by an African author because I believe that they need to be encouraged and celebrated. As I am learning swahili and loaded with many Kenyan friends, I figured that it would be fun to read this highly acclaimed book “Dust” by a Kenyan author. My dear friends, as Nigerians would say, this book is ‘deep’, real ‘deep’. I finished and I was like “mehn, is life this serious?” The author, in a swirl of metaphors, transports you to a land of dust where all the characters come from, and eventually return to. For an interesting experience, especially if you’re a book worm, I would recommend this.









P.S. My feline friend says hi!

Dress – Forever 21, Shoes – Converses, Earrings – Baublebar, Bangle – Mother (similar here and here), Bag – Longchamp


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