The 5th Republic of Nigeria (Guest Post)

Down to the forth republic: let me rant small jor!

Wow, where do I begin? Do I talk about how the government of our great country is irresponsible? Do I talk about how Nigeria as a country has stagnated and should be light years ahead of where we are now? Or should I speak about how the general mentality of Nigerians (chop today, let the next generation face the consequences) is what has bred our bad rulers?

I won’t write about all this.

Instead, I want to write about sorrow, anger and pain.

Sorrow that Nigeria is being led by a group of people who do not have the best interest of our people at heart.

Pain that the social contract between the government and the people is so non-existent.

And anger that the people do not rise up and shout “DOWN TO THE FOURTH REPUBLIC”



It is sad that I come from a country rich in oil but with a 100 million people living in poverty. It is sad that 200 girls can go missing in my country, but the soldiers charged with our security burn buses in Lagos at the slightest provocation. It is sad that the democratic system in my country is so bad that there is no ideological difference between the ruling party PDP and the main opposition APC. It is sad that our president is more concerned about being re-elected than about the violence that will follow the announcement of his inevitable but unfair victory.



It’s painful that the mentality of a politician getting into power isn’t “how can I serve the people” but is “I have arrived, bring the Moët”. It pains me that my vote does not count or make a difference because a rich influential man can declare the winner. It is painful that a man can steal 700 million in pension funds but get off with a fine of 750,000 naira. It is painful that Mohamed Abacha, son of the former head of state, has billions of our money in a Swiss bank, walks free amongst us and is even celebrated in some places. It is painful that a hungry man will steal bread and will get a year in prison but another man will steal oil money and walk free, as long as he pays his dues.

There is meant to be a social contract between our leaders and us; one where they provide justice, security and prosperity and we give them the power to do so. Right now this relationship doesn’t work.



I am so angry.

I am angry because we Nigerians have an infinite capacity to take shit!

I am angry because the thugs who ravage our country are revered

I am angry because in Ekiti state the value of a person’s vote currently stands at half a bag of rice

I am angry because we do not revolt

When will we throw off our attitude of apathy towards the future of our country?

When will we march to Aso Rock and demand that what is our due?

What will it take to make us realize that the path we are on favors the few and not the many?

Down your tools all you oppressed and demand for a brighter future!

And if we can’t have that, then fight those who oppress you and tear them from their stolen high horses.


We need a fresh start, a new republic and a change in mentality.

If not it’s our children and theirs who will suffer for our apathy!


Written brilliantly by Mofe Duro-Emmanuel


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