In every situation, there are two things…

Wearing this dress, I had been repeatedly told that I should wear it on the 4th of July (America’s Independence Day) as the colors represent the flag (and let’s just say the black represents me). So, I decided I would wear it ahead and inspire you all for the 4th of July. I already planned to wear something Nigerian or Indian on that day so…yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against America and in fact, coming to this country has taught me a lot of things and given me some beautiful friends for life. But America equally constantly reminds me of where I’m from and where I plan to go back to. So on independence day, I will proudly celebrate my origins in a way to thank America for making me treasure my home all the more.

Also, this reminds me of superwoman, especially when the wind blew the bottom of my dress!










Dress – Peter Pilotto for Target 2014 collection, Shoes – Zara, Bangle – L.A. Osborn, Ring – L.A. Osborn, Lipstick – MAC Ruby Woo



8 thoughts on “Superwoman

  1. I sometimes feel the same way about US. I am so appreciative for having the opportunity to live here but also look forward to digging deeper into my roots.

    On your outfit, it is quite appropos for the 4th, and I’m really digging the fluttery bottom. You look great!

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