Enough Is Enough!

My body is consumed with rage.

Dear corrupt politicians, eaters of our national cake, deprivers of freedom, bearers of poverty, animals of greed and lastly, apathetic Nigerians,

Enough is Enough! In fact, more than enough! As I sit here and punch hard into my keyboard, I pray God will transport me ahead in time and give me the reigns of power in this country. Why? So I can eliminate all these fools! As I watched BBC for the milionth time this year and saw more shootings of my fellow Nigerians, I felt my rage boil over. Haven’t we suffered enough? Isn’t it enough to have 70% of our population under the international poverty line? Isn’t it enough to trust our children to broken education systems and universities that are closed more than they are open? Isn’t it enough to subject them to cultures in which they have to “sew their mouths shut” and are not allowed to speak their minds? Where they only do what they are told? ISN’T IT ENOUGH? I ask you these questions. Yes, you, as you drive that stupid cadillac escalade that you stole taxpayer’s money to buy. I ask you who sends your children to America and the UK for better education while you damn the children of Nigeria to nothingness with your own hand. You who crashes planes with your silence and thievery. You who buys 10 mansions around the world with too much space for your family members. You who buys your children designer clothes and bags that are not of your own hard earned money but rather from the money you steal from the beautiful liquid that my country harvests. You who empty the bowels of Nigeria and count her money in greed, looking for more and more. You that turns our blessing into a curse! You with the blood of our people on your hands! YES, YOU!!

For all the religion in my country, we have failed. For all the prayers we have uttered, we have died. Because God only saves those who save themselves. When something bad happens, we mutter “It is God’s plan ohhh, God knows what He is doing”. STOP IT! Stop using the name of God in vain! God does not kill children, He does not turn people into beggars, he does not condemn us to a life of worthlessness. We do that! And God will let us learn our lesson. If we do not step up and correct ourselves, apathetic people of Nigeria, we will kill ourselves. You and I know the culprits, Jonathan knows the culprits, the Nigerian Army knows the culprits. Our silence is heavy with the death of our people. Because corruption is not just stolen money, it is lives lost and people disempowered. That rich friend of yours with the prada bag and father in power as he steals, you know who he or she is. Yet you keep quiet. Tomorrow, he or she will take the reigns of power and you will be once again silent as your country is squeezed dry of all hope and opportunity.

Today is when we finally start to murmur because we have finally seen someone pick up a gun and shoot at people indiscriminately. We waited this long to only murmur, complain. What will it take for us to shout? What will it take for us to wrap arms together and demand justice? To push for a better country? One that we deserve. Must we be afflicted? Must all our first borns die? Tell me Nigeria!!  Must those kidnapped girls be shot in the head first? We are in this mess today because we have sat around and accepted the nonsense that has been dealt us so far. People did not start dying in this country today. They started a long time ago. Are we happy now that everyone knows we are suffering? Are we happy that the world looked at us for a while and now has forgotten us and our children? We are but a trend in the ongoings of the world order. We must wake up and smell the coffee. Nobody will save us. And apparently we will not save ourselves.

My fingers ache because they are heavy with anger, too much anger to even type anymore. I wish I could cry for my country so I could at least release my pent up anger. Cry for the mess we have created for ourselves, for that which cannot be undone, for the dead who cannot be resurrected from their mass graves in this 21st century. For the children our politicians have killed, so their children can carry Céline bags. For the helplessness I feel as I type this. Even I am selfish as I use this post as an alternative to my tears. Hoping that when I am done, I can feel some relief or burden lifted. Or I can type till I am exhausted and that feeling overcomes every other.

I will leave in a week, and I will take my country in my heart. I will work hard, I will criticize and I will speak in the best way I know how, to bring about a Nigeria where we can live free of death, corruption and poverty.

And I hope, I really hope that you will too.


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