I Do Not Come To You By Chance

Beliefs. Words to live by.

I am a firm believer of pain in the name of beauty or fashion. For me, it comes under the beliefs such as “nothing good comes for free”…and yes that includes love, family etc. I do not believe that the best things in life are free because for something such as love, you have to work for it, whether it’s with family, friends, spouses or partners, you have got to put in work. Thus, a great thing like fashion sometimes has to come with pain. However, one of the latest trends of this season, the sandals I am wearing, is one of the lucky ones that fits fashion and comfort together. My friend Shilpa’s mouth literally dropped open when she saw me wearing these because I am not particularly known to indulge in fashion because of comfort. But hey, there’s a first time for everything! by the way, one of my new fave quotes is “I do not come to you by chance” which is also the title for a brilliant novel by Adaobi Nwaubani.

My mother had the burden of playing photographer this time 🙂









Shirt – Express (similar here), Trousers – Zara, Sandals – Zara, Watch – Fossil (similar here)


6 thoughts on “I Do Not Come To You By Chance

  1. These sandals AND Braids? What did you do with my Zacky?

    Haha! Love it nevertheless! Such a babe!


  2. I just stumbled across your blog! This is an awesome style definitely love all of your posts, thats exactly what i would wear
    I definitely love your nails, they look so pretty

    1. Hi Ann! aww thanks so much 🙂 I am glad to know i’m not the only one who likes my style (that would be awkward lol but okay hehehe). And as for the nails, thanks love, it tends to be therapeutic for me so fun, style and relaxation in one. I hope you visit again!

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