Lady in Red

What is it about red though?

So my favorite colors in the world are red, black and white. Plus I, by far, prefer gold to silver. This post essentially is made up of what I love best! I eventually did a post with my Louboutins which I adore but every time I see a blogger wearing them, I wonder why they don’t tell us….the truth. Is Louboutin paying them or what? These shoes are hands down the most painful thing I have ever put my feet in and they are not even upto 5 inches. However, when I laid my eyes on them, I couldn’t give them up. I have an unhealthy relationship with shoes in that I don’t really act sane about them. I love what I see, I get it, I sometimes hold it to sleep etc. These shoes have been cuddled more than they’ve been worn. But those few moments…are just enough.

Would you buy a pair of Louboutins?









Bag – Zara 2013 Summer collection, Top – Zara 2014 spring collection, Skirt- Zara 2014 Spring Collection, Shoes – Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm, Watch – Michael Kors


5 thoughts on “Lady in Red

  1. Would I buy a pair ? lol! Well I have been in love with the black Pigalle with spikes so If I save up enough and have all my financial priorities covered, I guess I could buy a pair!! lol I love that skirt by the way! It has this vintage theme that I like.

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