Nail It (Valentine’s Day Tutorial)

Want a cute look for valentine’s day? Here’s an easy tutorial

The person who introduced and started me on my nail art was my lovely friend and sister for life, Margaret Secondus. She is so great at it, it’s unbelievable! And she gets really creative as well. Right now, she is based in Nigeria and is still doing great things with her nail art. For any inquiries on getting nails done with her or if you just want to get inspired, follow her instagram and reach out: @limelightstudiong

She has done me the great favor of showing a quick tutorial with pictures and instructions on how to get an easy Valentine’s Day look!


She used the following colors


If you do not possess the little rod she has in there to make the dots, go ahead and use the round edges of a bobby pin! That’s what I did when I started out.


1. Paint your nails pink

2. Using a dotting tool and a darker shade of pink polish, make 2 dots close to each other

3. Make the 3rd dot at the bottom of the 2 dots to create a heart shape

4. Make a couple of the heart shapes

5. Fill in the spaces with some random dots

6. Outline the hearts and dots with a red nail polish

And there you go!


I hope you are all getting excited about Valentine’s Day. But remember that it’s just another day, like every other, to remind the ones you love that you care.

Love, Dhvani


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