Casual Fridays

It was just another casual and lazy friday in my life when I decided to drag my friend outside to take pictures of me

It was a beautiful day and I am actually sad that I waited till 3:00pm to take pictures because I could have caught more beautiful and brighter sunlight. But hey, you win some, lose some, right? Either way, I am glad I still decided to go outside. And here is the evidence!





Look a doggie right behind me!!! I am sure that as you follow my posts and my blog, you will slowly come to realize my love for animals, especially dogs and cats (doggies and kitties)





Do not pay attention to my lopsided jacket, lol!Image

This particular look is pretty casual. Hence the title, casual fridays. I thought it was important to have pictures that not only showcase my more put together and classy outfits but also the casual time to time clothes that I throw on and attempt to look fashionable in. So woohoo for casual fridays. Here’s to those days where dressing down becomes just as cool as dressing up! Yes? No?

p.s: that jutting out in my back pocket? just in case you were wondering, is my phone.

Love, Dhvani

Jacket – Zara, Top – Joe Fresh, Trousers – Topshop, Shoes – H&M, Watch – Michael Kors, Rings – ASOS, Necklace – H&M, Bracelets – ALDO, Shades – borrowed from my brother


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